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HANDAL Two Stage Screw Air Compressor – KHE Series 90-400kW

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Level 1 in Energy Efficiency Screw Compressor reach the high standard of energy saving

KHE Machines achieve level 1 of energy efficiency, 15% energy saving than level 2 and 30% energy saving than level 3

High efficiency design with new technology included; adjustable inlet design, a space for flow cooling, air/oit separator technology, high efficiency motor, smart and automatically control techonoly, etc. These bring you the real energy-saving. With two-stage ccompression and the cooling between operating stage, the compressed process is almost achieving the iso thermal compression for a better performance. With water spraying curtain that is designed for cooling between operating of two-stage. The compressed process is also almost achieving iso thermal compression for the best energy-saving effect.



  • Rational allocation of compressor ratio optimized bearing design for a longer than 100,000 hours of life circle.
  • Low noise, low vibration, high reliability
  • Reduce stage compressed ratio, internal leakage, and bearing load improve the volumetric rate and life circle of hosts.


Intake valve

  • Large diameter, low pressure.
  • Improve system stability.
  • Ensure the effective of regulation and flow control when start, operate and stop the machie.


Kerry Coolant

  • High grade cooling lubricant for a longer life circle.
  • Low chemical and viscosity when operates in high temperature.
  • Contains anti – counterfeit substances.


Kerry Intake Filter

  • Patent Protected Product.
  • Filter effectiveness reaches 99.99% or better.
  • New design to greatly reduce intake resistance.

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Control System

  • LCD touch monitor
  • Friendly and intuitive interface design record
  • World famous eletronic component for safety and reliabirity.
  • Simple to operate and easy for maintenance.


Cooling System

  • Using proper cooling system to ensure reliability.
  • Centrifugal cooling fan, quiet and efficience.
  • Big size fan motor.
  • Fan for oil cooler.
  • Low power consumption low noise.


High Potency Motor

  • Big starting torque,
  • Insulation grade F
  • SKF Bearing, low noise, longer life circle.
  • Refill oil without needing to stop machine.