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Handal Performance Series – Single Stage Rotary Screw Air Compressor

With the introduction of the Handal performance series. Handal can offer the industries most reliable and energy efficient compressed air packages.

Each compressor component has been thoroughly evaluated for its reliability and efficiency and optimized for easy servicing.

Handal performance series screw compressors lead the industry through their advanced design features

  • Advanced airend and inlet valve design
  • Transmission system
  • Soundproofing
  • Ventilation
  • Air filtration
  • Air/Oil separation
  • Cooling system
  • Accessibility to the components to ensure easy maintenance

Features and Benefits

Safe for the user and Environment
– Reduced OHS risk and injury

  • The entire HANDAL range of compressor include full safety features such as guarded rotating components, shrouded electrical components and internal spillage containment.

Schneider Switchgear
– Increased reliability / Lower servicing cost

  • Outstanding reliability
  • Excellent component life
  • Worldwide support

Laminar Flow Inlet Controller
– Minimal pressure drop / Increased output

  • Laminar flow controller results in lower pressure drop through the intake, increasing output and saving energy.

316 Stainless Steel Control Tubing
– Long tubing life

  • Increased reliability due to indefinite, corrosion free life. Material such as nylon, copper or mild steel will fail in time causing downtime.

Three Stage Tangential Oil Separation
– Lower Pressure Drop / Lower Absorbed Power

  • Excellent oil mechanical pre-separation / reduced direct oil impingement onto seperator element.
  • Lower dust contact resulting in lower pressure  dtop / Longer element life/lower energy consumption.
  • Redidual oil carryover limited to 2mg/m³* (*liquid phase).

Triple Discharge Bearings
– Longer bearing life / Quieter running

  • The ‘SKY’ series direct drive airends use three discharge bearings on each rotor to absorb radial and axial loads.
  • Longer bearing life under all operating conditions.
  • Increased load carrying capacity.

‘SKY’ Series Airend
– Maxumum out with less energy usage

  • Asymmetric 5/6 rotor profile.
  • KAPP ground rotor technology for tighter clearances and improved lubrication.
  • Precision machined bell housing to maintain coupling alognment.
  • Flexible coupling with easily removable element.

Digital Control Panel
– Monitors & Controls key compressor functions

  • Protects compressor in the event of falsity.
  • Provides service required alert.
  • Sequencing of up to 16 compressors.
  • External monitoring via RS485 interface.

Single Pass Oil and After Cooler
– Long life / Easily accessible

  • Minimised themal stress.
  • Cooler running temperatures / correct running temperature @ 50 °C ambient caoable.
  • Low oil carryover, longer bearing life.
  • Low cooling air velocity, reduces dust build up.

Centrifugal Cooling Fans
– Increased cooling efficiency

  • Higher static pressure ensures these fans run much quieter than traditional axial cooling fans.
  • Even air flow across the cooler face.
  • VSD fan control (110kW & above) provides energy savings as cooling air flow is reduced during periods of light load or low temperatures.
  • Cooling air bypressed main compressor compartment resulting in minimal internal dust build up.

High Effieciency Electric Motors
– Long operating life / Lower power usage

  • HANDAL use high efficiency motor which comply with MEPS2 (Minimum Energy Performance Standard) requirements.
  • TEFC to IP55, protected from dust and moisture
  • Class F insulation

‘Ultra Web’ Air Intake Filters
– Increased filtration efficiency

  • Full air flow, low restriction, nanofiber technology.
  • Deep bed media emsures excellent dust capture.
  • Increased free air delivery for further savings in energy and running cost.

Direct Drive – 1:1 Drive Ratio – No Gearbox
– Maximum air output / Reduced energy usage

  • Large, slow running airend.
  • Eliminated tranmission energy losses.
  • Increased bearing life.

Very Competitive Pricing

Low capital cost + low operating cost + Exceptional Reliability & Efficiency = Economical Cost

Compressed air is often referred to as the “fourth utility” and is critical to most manufacturing operations. The power comsumption of the compressor is a significant cost throughout its life cycle. KHE’s advanced energy-saving features reduce operating costs significantly. A plant’s performance depends upon its compressors reliability and efficiency. When evaluating productivity improvements, it’s a good idea to take a close look at the life cycle cost of the compressed air system. Once you add up maintenance, operating, and repair costs, you’ll find that KHE screw compressor provides the kind of increased productivity and efficiency that results in lower total cost.

Handal Performance Series Screw air compressor are favored for both their low capital cost and low operating cost.

Variable speed drive controlled energy output

Imagine an intelligent air compressor that can accurately and rapidly vary its output to match your changing demand with corresponding reduction in absorbed power

More than 70% of the long term cost of  owning an air compressor can be attributed to energy usage. Over the life of the compressor, this adds upto many times the original investment, yet in many cases, much of this energy is wasted through poor part load control.

A Variable speed controller enables the compressor output to exactly match demand eliminating the high part load energy usage experienced with fixed speed compressors.


  • Direct drive (1:1 ratio) motor and airend operate at low speed.
  • Gradual increase in motor speed eliminated starting spikes and cost penalties.
  • Excessive part load energy consumption is significantly reduced.
  • A steady system pressure is maintanined lowering system stress and overall air demand.
  • Reduced air leaks due to lower operating pressure.
  • Significantly lower noise levels.
  • Environmentally friendly energy savings.

Major energy savings with variable speed drive

with the elimination of wasted energy, cost savings as high as 35% or more are possible. recovered in less than one year’s operation.

Handal Performance series VSD Rotary screw compressor operating at 70% load compared to a fixed speed model.

Schneider altivar 61 variable speed drive

Handal Performance series VSD COmpressor use the renowned schneider altivar 61 Varible Speed Drive.

  • Efficient and reliable
  • Worldwide support

Our Handal Performance Series are available in a wide range of options to sult your specific requirements including :

  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Sequencing Control
  • Remote Start/Stop
  • High Pressure 13 bar
  • Low Pressure 3 bar
  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Water Cooled Packages
  • Dirty Environment Packages
  • Custom Enngineered Packages