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Two Stage Screw Air Compressor

Two Stage Air Compressor – KHE Series

Level 1 in Energy Efficiency Screw Compressor (Reach the high standard of energy-saving)
KHE Machines achieve Level 1 of energy efficiency,  15% energy-saving than level 2 and 30% energy-saving than level 3.

High efficient design with new technology included. adjustable inlet design, a space for flow cooling, air/oil separator technology, high efficiency motor, smart and automatically control technology, etc.These bring you the real energy-saving. With two-stage compression and the cooling between operating stage, the compressed process is almost achieving the isothermal compression  for a better performance. With water spraying  curtain that is designed for cooling between operating of two-stage, the compressed process is also almost achieving isothermal compression for the best energy-saving effect.

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