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High Pressure Air Compressor – ปั๊มลมแบบแรงดันสูง

High Pressure Air Compressor

Handal S type is a four column, three-stage compression and air cooling middle pressure air compressor. It features low speed, heavy duty, energy save and long durability. it greatly reduces user’s equipment operation cost and maintenance expenditure to amaximum. It is a top choice machine fot large capacity, intelligent multi compressor coordination medium pressure air supply system.

  • The Valve made from the stainless steel belt imported from Sweden.
  • To ensure the safe and reliable operation of the air compressor, the redundancy design concept is adopted and multi-protection measures are taken:such as loss of phase, under voltage, discharge of load, drainage while stop running, air discharge, start up under the condition pressure is zero.
  • Totally automatic flow rate adjusting, automatically drain the water while discharging. The remaining air between the different levels is discharged and so ensure the unit is started up with no any load each time.
  • Periodical drainage valve facilitates the adjustable time point of drainage as well as the drainage intervals. This ensures the periodical drainage between the level when the air compressor is running for a long period of time and effectively prevents the collection of water to a big extent. Thus, it prevents the liquid slugging from happening.
  • Low discharge temperature(the discharge temperature is less than 170 ํC when the discharge pressure is 7.0 MPa, after it is treated by the sub-cooler, the discharge temperature at the outlet is only 15 ํC to 20 ํC higher than the ambient temperature).
  • High reliability, long maintenance cycle, very low oil consumption (oil-saving); low energy (power saving), these dramatically reduce the general operating cost of the unit

High Pressure Air Compressor
Technical Features

High Pressure Air Compressor
Technical Features


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