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Hertz Oil Convertors

Oil Convertors – ตัวแปลงน้ำมัน

HC/SV/0.4/7 -50/7

Clean compressed air is the requirement for quality and process reliability in many production processes and applications. The quality of the compressed air is determined by humidity, microbial count, oil concentration and solid particles.

An innovative process for separating the oil from the compressed air indicates new standards regarding process reliability, costs, condensate problems and environmental compatibility.

Previously oil was removed from compressed air by adsorption by active carbon.

The HC concept uses a special catalyst to convert the oil and other hydrocarbons in water and further harmless air components in a physical-chemical process (see left).

All oil molecules are burnt completely and effectively in the HC Converter.

The compressed air is absolutely oil-free and can be used without restrictions in all applications that require guaranteed oil-free compressed air.

The process is not only very ecological but also most economical as the service life is extremly long. The ellimination of the disposal process results in enormous cost-savings potentials.



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