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Hitachi – Screw Air Compressor


Evolution type of air compressor.. Collaboration of economic efficiency with environmental performance

Higher economic efficiency and lower environmental burden. Technical challengs for this contradicting target is the most important mission. Hitachi, accumulating technology for long years, quickly answers the needs of the age.

HITACHI strived to enhance the product line, for example, adding NEXT series which is the advanced energy saving compressor seeking for the environmental performance to HISCREW which has already established the reputation.

Hitachi as the company to answer the needs from industries which are going after further development. Hitachi will continuously provide Advanced compressors as before with the new technologies as a core comperence based on the customer satisfaction first.

Low Pressure Drop Design

Big size air intake filter, Oil sepatator and cooler are installed. Minimized the energy loss from unit pressure loss to maximize the energy saving performance.

Margin up with big size filter

Air intake filter is enlarged by one-size.

1 Size up effiective filtration area ratio of air intake filter (comparison with conventional model 2000 series)

  • 11-15 kW = 150%
  • 22 kW = 231%
  • 37 kW = 126%

Long and simple maintenance
Easy check and maintenance is achievend by location maintenance parts such as filter or regulator vales inside the removal front door.

  • 8 Year overhauling period Overhauling period for compressor block (air end) is 8 years because of the matching of the high load duty bearing system and lubricant filtration system with high precision.
  • 2 Year exchange period for the lubricant Compressor oil, “New HISCHREW OIL2000” with the highest class durability is applied. Oil change period is 2 years. Topping up period is also elongated by reducing oil consumption.
  • Oil Separator Spin-on type oil separator is adopted for easy maintenance
  • Big size air intake filter Cartridge type filter is adopted. Cleaning maintenance period is elongated comparring to conventional models 2000 series by the combination of bigger size filter and high filtration ratio which is achienved by 2 step method of centrifual separation and filtration.

Simple Operation
Simple and easy-look instrumental panel is newly developed. ECOMODE, PQ wide mode and remote control switching can be done on the instrumental panel.

Additionally, in case of trouble, the information on the trouble is shown on the monitor and quick trouble shooting can be taken.

  • One-touch setting for target pressure setting/change.
    Target pressure change for energy saving can be done on the instrumental panel
  • Instantaneous Power Interruption (IPI) restart function is standard.
    Automatic restart is availiable after instantaneous power interruption. (Standard for V type and M type)
  • Cascade vector control logic by Hitachi original technology and PID control enable both high response and stability.
    The control logic of variable speed control for V Plus is all Hitachi uniquely developed.
    The system can control discharge pressure within plus/minus 0.01 MPa. achieve high response performance and bring out the high load following capability and stability.


  • High Grade (HG) option
    – Enables energy saving functions such as schedule operation or lead-lag.- Enables check the operation condition and various settings on LCD monitor.